About us

Jade was born to a family manufacturing gemstone beads in 1984. Her family run a small gemstone factory in Ketang Jewelry Town of China. Her uncles are the first jewelry merchants on the mainland. They imported the cutting, polishing, and drilling machines from Hongkong to Ketang town in 1980s, hired and trained the local farmers to produce gemstone beads, they set up the first factories in China. When Jade was a little child, her original toys were all kinds of gemstones. She was born to love jewelry. During her school off time she helped the family to run the gemstone bead factory, she knows well each part of the production procedure. Jade trained the new workers and taught them how to do cutting by the texture of stones, etc. Jade is very strict on quality control, her professionalism has been praised by many clients. The jewelry industry is her only career so far.

After Jade graduated from university, she found she could do more about jewelry except for wholesale gemstone beads. Jade started to make jewelry accessories and jewelry like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. She focuses on the age-old method to make jewelry findings, using wax lost casting, each piece of metal is crafted and finished by hand, the technique brings high quality, rich details, and unique design. And high-quality plating makes the metals nontarnish. Jade loves American jewelry design, she employs professional designers to design native American jewelry, and her jewelry is very popular with customers. Jade started Guzen Jewelry with the singular mission to provide premium quality jewelry pieces in the latest styles. Having worked in the jewelry business for over 20 years, Jade found there was a gap in the market for jewelry pieces at competitive prices.

Guzen Jewelry was formed to provide artisans and designers with high-quality jewelry materials at factory prices. The idea was simple: supply the best quality of all kinds of gemstone beads, jewelry accessories, and jewelry at factory prices to the world. Despite fierce competition in the industry, we’ve managed to build a strong reputation in the wholesale jewelry market. We distinguish ourselves with our focus on quality control and an ever-expanding range of products.

Our customer-centric approach helps us stay in tune with the latest trends and design jewelry beads and accessories that offer the strongest wholesale appeal. Each year, we follow the latest design trends and news from the ramp to determine the latest trends in fashion and jewelry design. Using this information, we tailor our products to include items that customers love. Among our products, you’ll find a range of precious stones beads, semi-precious gemstone beads, pearl beads, shell productions, bone beads, brass accessories, Korean chains, jewelry, and more that appeal to diverse customer tastes and preferences.