Payment Method

We only accept full payment. The payment methods we are like to be paid are Bank Transfer and Paypal.

Bank Transfer:

Takes about 24 business days, we start preparing the order after checking the bank sheet information.

Direct and instant payment method.

Discount Terms:
You can choose whichever method suits you best when you arrange the payment. When choosing Bank Transfer and the total amount is over $1000 you can get a 3.5% discount.


  1.  Client who pays via Bank T/T should pay for the bank fee on his or her side.
  2.  This discount term is related with payment amount only.

Payment Information List:
When you place your orders and checkout, you can choose your favored payment method and our system will calculate the total amount automatically. In addition, the payment information you chose will be emailed to you with the order together.

Any questions or suggestions please contact us by email at