Shipping Policy

All orders will be sent from Guangzhou of China. Delivery time 3-7 business days. Potential delay due to COVID 19 We mainly will use DHL, UPS, and EMS.

Shipping Method & Cost

Shipping Methods:

You can choose one of the shipping methods, there are three main shipping methods to choose for you:

  • DHL
  • UPS

These two shipping methods are the fastest available. Shipping times are between 3-7 days to all major destinations, and you can track your order’s status online. Shipping costs vary with weight and delivery address.

DHL for example to send the goods to the USA, the shipping fee is as below: USD37(0.5kg)+USD6/0.5kg, when weight over 21kgs will be USD10.3/KG.


For some major destinations, there is an option to ship your order by EMS. If your destination qualifies for shipping by EMS, it will automatically appear as an option when you checkout. EMS shipping takes longer than UPS and DHL but costs less. Shipping times are between 5-9 days to all major destinations, and you also can track your order’s status online.

Other Shipping Way-EUB

If you only order several items as samples and you don’t care about the delivery time, you can choose EUB. It is too cheap! But it is Unstable and we cannot guarantee delivery dates. For example to send goods to Japan, the shipping fee by EUB as below

0-0.05KG                  US$3.30
0.05-0.1KG               US$4.16
0.101-0.15KG           US$5
0.151-0.25KG           US$6.66
0.251-0.35KG           US$8.33

Please note above costs are not fixed and we only follow the EUB official prices.

Note: If you like other shipping methods, kindly contact us. We could also use your own shipping account.

Delivery Time:

UPS Express: US., CA: 2-3 business days; Western Europe: 3 5 days. It is recommended to choose UPS for the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Express Mail Service(EMS): 5-9 business days.

Postoffice Air Mail: No guarantee. Usually 20-30 business days, very cheap.

Note: Customs clearance can add the delivery time if your package is held up by local customs.

Shipping Costs: 

Shipping costs are based on a combination of three factors as below, The shipping method/carrier chosen, The weight and dimensions of the package and The destination country or region shipped.

You can estimate shipping costs for any product item or combination of items: Choose your favored items via clicking the Add To Cart button, and click the link to your Shopping Cart page to view the total shipping costs for all items. Fill in the quantity you want, and then click the Update button, the system will count the total weight automatically.

If the weight is above 21kg, the shipping cost of DHL/UPS express is cheaper. So please choose DHL/UPS express.